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There are some fundamental rules you shouldn’t flare when you are writing dialogue. These preset guidelines are installed to ensure that your readers completely comprehend you, has good flow and connection with what you are writing. These sets of grammar rules could rotate around how you twist your way through quotation marks, periods, commas and all that. Irrespective of your style of writing, it is non-negotiable you adhere to these set of guidelines so that your reader has a good grip and understanding of what you are trying to transmit across in your writing. Let us look at some of these foundations of grammar and how we can deploy them in writing Standard English.


Quotation Marks
The basic rule is that when you want to write spoken words, sentences, you will have to encase such words or sentences in quotation marks. The way it works is that these quotation marks must contain anything that emanates from the mouth of the speaker.

An example is:

“Try your best to get a good grasp of English Language, it would elevate you above your peers and give you a competitive advantage,” Anna said. The quotation marks “” closes all that Anna says.
In the case where Anna wants to say something said by someone else. You use single quotation mark inside the two quotation mark.

“I was going to the gym but Jude asked me ‘how about we go see a movie’, so I changed my mind,” said Anna.
You must have noticed that the periods and commas go inside the quotation marks.


This is one of the most fundamental and commonest in written English. The period basically signifies the end of a sentence. How does it work with your quotation when writing your dialogues? Same way. The period closes the sentence before the completing part of the quotation mark rounds off the speech. If the sentences doesn’t end there, don’t use a period, you could possibly use a comma to continue the flow. If the quote is at the end of the sentence, a period should be placed inside the end quotation mark. Billy explained, “I am having a nice day.”

“Don’t worry I am having a nice day,” Billy explained.

These laws may seem quite rigid at the start, but the more you use them in your written dialogues, the more integrated and part of you they become. In no time, you become very fluent writing excellent dialogues.

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